Yili European Research and Development Center in Wageningen
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Yili European Research and Development Center in Wageningen

On the 28th of February 2014 Yili established its European Research and Development center in Wageningen, the Netherlands. It is the first overseas R&D center of a Chinese dairy company and is located in the heart of Food Valley. “We shall not only cooperate with the top research institutions, but also continue to conduct the world-level research. We will also invite global experts into our R&D team,” Mr. Pan Gang, president of Yili said.

It was not only one of the most important strategic cooperation programs between the Chinese dairy industry and an overseas R&D institution, but also another overseas investment by Yili following investments in New Zealand, USA and Italy.
The center will focus on milk cow cultivation, dairy product research and food safety.
The chairman of Wageningen University Aalt Dijkhuizen said as the largest dairy product consuming market in the world, China supplies the milk for a sixth of the world’s population, which is an extraordinary achievement.

“Wageningen University looks forward to cooperating with Yili in promoting the progress of the global dairy industry,” Dijkhuizen said.