Yili Group Offers Online Tours of Its Industrial Chain Across the Globe
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Yili Group Offers Online Tours of Its Industrial Chain Across the Globe

Nowadays, health awareness is growing across the world. As a crucial indicator of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all is also an essential goal for dairy producers. On January 3, Yili launched a new platform themed “Online Tour: Networking Yili’s Global Value Chain” to invite global audiences to explore Yili’s cross-continent industrial chain online, and witness Yili’s pursuit of “100% dedicated, 100% safety, 100% healthy” products. The official online tour platform will be available on Yili’s global website.

On New Year’s Eve 2022, Yili also rolled out a 15-hour live stream on social media to showcase memorable celebrations and countdown moments in ten regions around the world. Through the online tour platform, Yili will present its high-quality pastures, production bases, and innovation centers around the world to global customers for the first time via live streaming, short videos, and virtual reality scenes.

Adhering to its corporate belief that “Yili means the best quality”, Yili is committed to being open and transparent to the public at all times and in all places. In fact, Yili opened its facilities to the public as early as 2005, and these facilities have since become well-known industrial tourism sites for consumers interested in Yili’s dairy production and quality management processes.

Building a global health ecosystem

Yili aspires to strengthen its global health ecosystem by investing in global resources, innovation, and market systems. It has established 15 R&D centers and 75 production bases across the world. It also collaborates with over 2,000 worldwide partners in 39 countries across six continents.

Yili has created a cross-Pacific “dairy bridge” involving Oceania Dairy, Westland Milk Products, and partner dairy farms in New Zealand. Yili Satine New Zealand Whole Milk, Westgold Butter, Jinlingguan RuiHu Infant Milk Powder, and other products are produced using the finest milk in the world.

Yili has also set up production bases in Indonesia and Thailand and modern dairy industry clusters in China. The Yili Modern Intelligent Health Valley in Inner Mongolia, designed to be the world’s “Dairy Silicon Valley”, serves consumers with the world’s premium dairy resources.

As part of its global innovation system, Yili has established 15 R&D centers in nations and regions such as China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, and Indonesia. The company continues to pool worldwide expertise to bring breakthrough ideas to life by interconnecting industry, academia, research, and application. Such efforts have allowed the company to tackle key challenges for the dairy industry, including lactose intolerance among Asian consumers.

In terms of its global market system, Yili’s liquid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and milk powder products have already entered over 60 markets. Products such as AMBROSIAL yogurt, Youngfun, Kabrita, Joyday and Cremo have also seen increasing market shares overseas, and have played important roles in supporting the development of local dairy industries.

Yili has become a household brand in China and is Asia’s top dairy producer after years of growth. It maintains an open and optimistic attitude toward emerging technologies and a changing environment. “Yili has demonstrated a global operating mindset, generating global resources to create its industrial chain architectures”, said Sian Yates, Editorial Director of FoodBev Media, an international media for food and beverage.

The “Online Tour” platform is an attempt to interact with global consumers despite physical distance, as well as an invitation to witness Yili’s global development. Yili’s dedication to producing more nutritious products for all people at all stages will enable Yili to become the most trusted provider of healthy food in the world.