Yili Opens New Office in the Netherlands
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Yili Opens New Office in the Netherlands

Yili Innovation Center Europe is part of Yili, the largest dairy company in Asia. The Yili Innovation Center Europe recently moved to a new office. That is why an international Opening Event will be organized on 12 September with the theme: “Connect to Innovate”. The office is located in the new and ultramodern PlusUltra building on the campus of Wageningen University and Research. From the new office the European research and development activities of Yili are coordinated.

During the Connect to Innovate Opening Event, the CEO’s of Yili and Wageningen University and Research share their views on the importance of international cooperation in the dairy sector. The mayor of Wageningen underlines with his presence the importance of the Yili Innovation Center Europe for the region.
The Opening Event is attended by a large Chinese delegation. International representatives from over 40 different universities, knowledge institutes and companies are present.

During the Opening Event, a PhD award will be granted to a promising PhD student who has carried out an excellent nutritional study.