Yili supports Dutch medical communities in the fight against COVID-19
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Yili Innovation Center Europe supports fight against COVID-19

Yili supports Dutch medical communities in the fight against COVID-19

While the world battles Covid-19, the outbreak has entered a critical moment. Yili, a leading dairy company in Asia, has stepped up its activities by joining the global defence line to stem the spread of the virus. On April 14, the Yili Innovation Center Europe and in the context of assisting local hospitals in their fight against COVID-19, donated 10,000 medical KN95 masks to the Utrecht Safety Region.

“There is still a great shortage of all types of protective equipment. The situation for hospitals is improving, but there are still insufficient supplies for general practitioners. The masks donated by Yili are much appreciated and will soon be available to general practitioners in the Province of Utrecht can be used “, says the purchasing manager of the Safety Organization for the Province of Utrecht.

“Our hearts go out to everyone who suffers from this pandemic. This is a painful and disorienting experience, and solidarity is the only weapon with which the virus can be overcome,” said Gerrit Smit, Managing Director of Yili Innovation Center Europe, “At Yili our staff stands firmly next to the Dutch population and the rest of the world to meet this challenge. “

In a quick response in support of global control of the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, Yili has joined the International Humanitarian Fund for COVID-19 set up by the Chinese Red Cross. To meet the urgent demand for medical supplies, the company is working with producers to ramp up production capacity while collaborating with embassies, international Red Cross offices and non-profit organizations in affected countries to ensure essential supplies can be shipped quickly to different regions. In the midst of the ongoing global COVID-19 outbreak, Yili purchases medical supplies sent to Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay and Iraq to support local relief efforts.

“As an international food and beverage company, we sincerely hope that we can continue to work closely with organizations to fight COVID-19 worldwide and ultimately to achieve the goal of ‘World Integrally Sharing Health’,” said Pan Gang, the chairman and president of the Yili Group.