1st YMINI Breast Milk Research Symposium
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The 1st YMINI Breast Milk Research Symposium – Decoding Bioactive Protein To Explore A Healthy Future, Successfully Held in Shanghai

The 1st Yili Maternal & Infant Nutrition Institute (YMINI) Breast Milk Research Symposium was successfully held on July 24th in Shanghai, China. The theme of the summit was “Decoding bioactive protein to explore a healthy future”. Professor Wang Zhixu, Chairman of Maternal and Child Nutrition Committee of Chinese Nutrition Society, hosted the symposium and gave the opening speech. Dr. Yun Zhanyou, assistant president of Yili Group, warmly welcome all the guest experts and scholars on behalf of Yili Group. Afterwards he gave a short review on Yili’s maternal and infant nutrition especially human milk components research history of past 17 years.

Professor Raanan Shamir, President of The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN), offered an insight into “Breast Feeding in 2019 – Where are we now?” Professor Raanan Shamir said, “Breast milk is a complex living nutritional fluid. Bioactive components in breast milk, such as insulin and lactoferrin, play a critical role in the growth and development of term and preterm infants“. Professor Zhang Yumei from School of Public Health, Peking University, introduced “α-lactalbumin+β-casein and their bioactive functions”. Professor Zhang also mentioned α-lactalbumin and β-casein are not the major allergens in milk proteins.

Dr. Adrienne Weiss, Innovation Project Leader at Yili Innovation Center Europe, shared findings on “New insights on the human milk proteome from clinical studies: How does it vary and why?” The latest published research compared the milk serum proteomes of Chinese and Dutch mothers, which may bring inspiration to the effect of breast milk on infant physiological function. Mr. Liu Biao, Senior Director of Technical R&D, Milk Powder Business of Yili Group, gave a speech detailing Yili’s human milk components research process, the development of its patent – “α-lactalbumin+β-casein” and its application in infant formula – Pro-Kido.

More than 100 well-known experts and scholars from all over China, such as Professor Ben Xiaoming, chief physician Chen Jinjin, Professor Chen Pingyang, Professor Chen Yuming, Professor Deng Zeyuan, chief physician Liu Peng, Professor Ren Yiping, chief physician Sheng Xiaoyang, head nurse Su Shiping, Professor Yang Nianhong, Professor Yin Shian, Professor Zeng Guo, chief physician Zhang Ting and Professor Zhou Peng (In Alphabetical Order), attended the symposium. The presenters and attendees exchanged in depth their experience and views on frontier and hot topics in maternal and infant nutrition.

YMINI, aiming to be your academic partner, is devoted to maternal and infant nutrition especially human milk components research since its establishment and has achieved promising results. In the future, YMINI will continue its basic studies on Chinese breast milk and make efforts to promote academic exchanges at home and abroad and the development of maternal and child nutrition products in China.