Yili Receives FDA Approval for Dairy Products and Launches First U.S. Flagship Store
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Yili Receives FDA Approval for Dairy Products and Launches First U.S. Flagship Store

Yili Group recently opened its first U.S. flagship store in Los Angeles, CA. Located in the 99 Ranch Market in The Shops at Santa Anita, the store launch marks a significant milestone for Yili as it expands its presence in the U.S. market. The 99 Ranch Market is one of the largest Asian supermarket chains in the U.S., with stores set up nationwide. This follows the official approval of various Yili products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including AMBPOMIAL and Youngfun liquid dairy products, as well as Chocliz,Bitter Coffee and Yili Ranch. These products are now available to American consumers.

Yili’s expansion in the U.S. market involves its four main business lines: liquid milk, milk powder, ice cream, and butter. Prior to the store launch, Yili’s Kabrita goat milk infant formula products and Westgold butter products were introduced in the U.S. market.

First Yili flagship store opens in the U.S.

Positive Consumer Reception and Strategic Partnerships

The opening day of Yili’s flagship store was met with enthusiastic responses from consumers, who were treated to free product samples and promotional activities. One local consumer was surprised by how rich and creamy the Yili products tasted and expressed willingness to share the product with their family.

Consumers selecting Yili products

Yong You, Head of Walong Marketing Inc., Yili’s distributor in the U.S., said: “Yili is one of the top five dairy companies globally and the leading dairy company in Asia. We are honored to partner with Yili to further tap into the U.S. market. We will leverage our local network to introduce Yili products to more American households to achieve mutual success.”

Commitment to Quality and Global Recognition

As one of the world’s largest dairy markets, the U.S. is highly competitive with established international dairy giants. Since July 2023, Yili has successfully navigated the rigorous FDA approval process for its liquid dairy and ice cream products, paving the way for their introduction to American consumers.

With the corporate belief that “‘Yili means the best quality”, the company adheres to international dairy standards, including standards from the U.S., the EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. This ensures that Yili’s products meet the diverse standards of different countries and regions, catering to the nutritional and health needs of consumers worldwide.

In recent years, Yili has achieved significant results in its globalization. Yili now owns 15 R&D and innovation centers, as well as 81 production bases globally. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions.

“As Yili enters the U.S. market, we will continue adhering to our consumer-centric principle, and provide consumers with high-quality products and services to deliver more nutritional and health benefits globally,” a company representative highlighted.