Yili scoops global innovation awards
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Yili scoops global innovation awards

Laval, France: Global dairy giant Yili has scooped the innovation category at the 15th Global Dairy Congress in Laval, France.

Yili, which operates two dairy companies in New Zealand, and its subsidiary Ausnutria topped the tally for most awards at the World Dairy Innovation Awards held simultaneously with the Congress. The awards were for packaging design, infant nutrition, intolerance-friendly dairy products, ice cream, cheese, and dairy snacks.

The judges noted that: “Yili have their finger on the pulse when it comes to identifying gaps in the market and creating brilliant innovative products that both taste and look great while simultaneously serving a purpose.”

“Best Cheese” winner was an ambient cheese lollipop that can be safely stored at room temperature. Revisiting traditional Chinese aesthetics, the Xujinhuan 3D Fresh Milk Ice Cream has been designed into the shape of a Chinese fan, featuring traditional painting carved on the surface. For older men, a group more focused on bone health and physical fitness, the Shuhua Lactose-Free Milk for Dad includes 50 per cent more natural calcium, vitamin D and taurine. Applying Yili’s patented technology of LHT lactose hydrolysis, the product also addresses the problem of lactose intolerance common among Asian consumers.

This year Yili launched Satine A2β-Casein Organic Pure Milk, the first net-zero carbon milk in China, and details of Yili’s plans to build a “Dairy Silicon Valley” in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, were also revealed at the Congress.

The autonomous region will include a liquid milk production base, a milk powder production base, the Chilechuan Ecological Smart Farm, and the Yili Intelligent Manufacturing Experience Center. The Future Intelligence and Healthy Valley covers roughly 38 square kilometres and integrates industry, urban life and tourism, with the dairy industry as its core.